Awareness and social responsibility

  • Organise a visit of Canaan Land plantations in Toumodi;
  • Set up charitable donations of agricultural equipment;
  • Promote women empowerment in Ivory Coast;
  • Give echo to this activity online.

After the visit, two of our farmers arrived to work at 5 am! Many thanks for the motivation and the warmth shared with us.

Patricia ZoundiFounder of CANAAN LAND
  • Charitable donations of agricultural equipment;
  • + 1,000 likes and + 200 comments on post made on the client’s owned plateforms;
  • 5 articles in the national media.

Canaan land is an inclusive and sustainable agricultural development project that aims to promote women empowerment. The objective of this project is to improve the incomes of small farmers in rural areas, while contributing to the development of 100% organic agriculture, respectful of the land and its resources.

Canaan Land.